December 10

As usual, the day started with a delightfully frantic scramble to get dressed, fed, and in the car. Our whole group convened in front of Middle East International School before cramming onto our bus and heading off on our adventure to Education City. In spite of the close quarters and terrible traffic, most of us were happy for the opportunity to catch up on our sleep. When we arrived to Education City we were ushered into the Qatar branch of Georgetown University.
There we were given a short presentation on their International Business curriculum the school, as well as a short tour around the campus.  We were then whisked off to the Carnegie Mellon Qatar campus where we received similar treatment, learning about the technology- centered curriculum and given a brief tour before visiting the final school of the day, Northwestern Qatar.

There we learned about their approach to teaching journalism and studying communications. After the initial presentation at Northwestern Qatar we were ushered into their news room where we got to see how news broadcasts are prepared and delivered, even testing out a job as newscaster for ourselves. After that we were given a tour of the school before being served lunch and making our way to the Qatar National Library to wait for our bus.

-Olivia Lapine


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